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Week 1 Curated Content

  1. I read this book a few years back and it’s relevance is even more evident in today’s time. The ideology was put forth by Golden Krishna, Head of Design Strategy at Google.
    While, I would recommend reading his bestseller - ‘Best Interface is No Interface’ what I’m particularly harping here is the idea behind this book, which is deconstructing the customer experience of the future.

Read this to get a gist of what is explored in this book.

6 Minute Read

  1. Here comes one of the greatest combination that I’ve recently found. It is a product pitch video that not just makes you aware of a new product but the whole idea of video presentation that elevates the value proposition to another level. One of the finest explainer videos that clocks in under 4 minutes & lots to take notes on.

Watch here & let us know what you think.

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